10 Benefits Of Using Adobe Flex


  1. Declarative model, you can achieve complex GUI tasks with just some lines of code.
  2. Based on the declarative aspect of hierarchical widget containers and objects, you can easily and quickly change the GUI.
  3. Data integration via services so you have the option to use many backend technologies, servers and databases (database and server agnostic).
  4. Data in “bind” to components by means of properties so no need to create models to bridge the data between the server and the GUI widgets in most of the cases.
  5. Very powerful IDE based on Eclipse with “two-way” design view, full debug and profiling.
  6. Much smaller footprint in terms of memory, CPU and load time compared to similar applications in HTML/CSS/JS.
  7. Modular architecture so a big application can be split in modules and loaded by demand.
  8. Easy to integrate third-party components.
  9. Very rich GUI framework with most of the components already available and required by most applications.

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