4 Little Steps Towards Achieving Wealth, Structure, and Efficiency

Do you believe you are capable of achieving more in the next few months than you already do? Before you let that old self-doubt creep in, suspend your disbelief for just a few moments. There are some important simple steps that you can take to create momentum in your life.

Aligning Your Focus

You need to focus on one goal. Some people believe in having balanced goals and nobody is advocating that you get away from that, but for the next months, focus on one goal. Remember as a child you used to pull that magnifying glass out and maybe set leaves on fire. A magnifying glass takes the power of the sun, magnifies it on the spot, and can create incredible heat. The power to do that is there all along; it’s just not concentrated. That’s what happens when you focus on one goal. If you do that, you get obsessed, and you will fall in love with it – which will together drive and harness your behavior, skillsets, and focus accordingly.

Core Activities

This is where most people get it wrong. Some people after working on a goal for six months say “I’ve never worked so hard in my life and nothing’s happening. I’m not getting anything done.” Most of the time, this is because they are not doing the right core activities – this is like a painter who has his ladder against the wrong house. He’s working as hard as he can, applying the paint, but when he is done, the result if wrong. If you are encountering such results, critically analyze how you are operating, where your focus in generated, how your plans and workflows are structures, and what a more effective process for delivering and accomplishing is. An essential element is not becoming discouraged, rather using past hardship and / or experience to advance your position and path.

Build a Simple to do List

Make a list with dates for the core activities that you’re going to accomplish. Research has shown that you will increase your efficiency by 25 percent the first day you start using a list. This means you get an extra two hours of productive time daily (in an eight-hour work day) just from the simple act of making a list. Many wealthy people attribute their success to taking core activities and putting a column on the activity for the date the activity needs to be completed. Just by working on that list alone, you can bring order out of chaos to more quickly strengthen your clarity.

Create Certainty

Success is a mindset. You have to believe that you can reach that goal – create the certainty of success. That’s where personal development, self-growth, reading, and absorbing research in varied mediums comes in – educate and apply your own personal experience and learning. Consider creating rewards for yourself, by which you will genuinely be motivated. Ardently concentrate on seeking out, researching, and absorbing material to read and familiarize yourself with. Habitually, leaders of industry attribute their advancement to have an insatiable quest for learning and information, comprehensively researching all angles of a topic to become more well-rounded, educated, and advanced towards success. Make a game out of it, and if you carefully follow all the hints, then you will meet the success you want.


Good Luck!

Maurice Berdugo –CEO, BP Analytics



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