5 Tips How To Up Your Business “Likes”

If you want to earn maximum profits from your business then keeping your customers happy and satisfied is of tremendous necessity. This list consists of some of the most effective ways to retain your old customers, increase your business ‘likes’ for prospective customers, and reach your business goals.

Deliver more Than Expect

Businesses should never over promise and under deliver to customers, as this completely destroys reputations, in and outside of the particular industry. Moreover you may lose your business likes and clients. Always think of ways in which your services may improve, and deliver the best products or services to your valued customers. This might consist of bettering the quality from which your products are made or enhancing the offered features.

Coupons / Discounts

Offer coupons, discounts, and other incentives to your loyal customers, as this will make them feel selected (and exclusive), giving them the feeling of accomplishment and / or contentment. This is additionally a great technique for promotion and advertising of your business. If you want to obtain the maximum amount of company likes, offer to clients something worthwhile and exciting – this might consist of additional saving opportunities, early ability for purchasing, and / or invitation to exclusive events.

Arrange Contests

Try to arrange contests for customers on your website or Facebook page and engage them in a fun activities. Make them participate in an interesting contest and give them a reward or a gift to boost their spirits and also to increase Facebook likes for your business. Such activities will generate user interactivity – consider allowing customers to submit taglines for advertising campaigns or pictures of customers with your product to be featured on websites or promotional materials.

Do The Unexpected

Offer a service, or provide a product out of the blue, as a reward for doing business with you for e.g. if you sold a laser printer to a customer few months back, you can unexpectedly send them a free cartridge refill with a complimentary note. This will really impress your customers and attract them towards your business and also help you gain as much company likes as possible. It’s a great marketing strategy for the promotion of your business.

Easy “Like” Button Accessibility

To increase more Facebook likes or company likes on your page or website, this is an essential incorporation. Add the “Like” tab on your website and get more likes each day. This can also help increase your fan following on social media. This might not generate one million likes at once, but over time, placing this button will increase your likes longer term.



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