Today, online retailers whom use Magento as their e-commerce platform are finding it expensive to select Credit Card processors that are affordable and can quickly fund their accounts within 24 hours. After all, when you make a sale through your web site, don’t you want the money deposited into your account as soon as possible?


BP Analytics has partnered with Check Alt to develop Magcheck.

Magcheck is a free app, simple, easy to use Magento plugin that allows a merchant to offer an online consumer to purchase items with their checking account.

What’s the value?

* With E-Checks you pay only a “FRACTION” of the credit card processing fee

* You are funded within 24hours- Cash in your bank account

* The buyer submits a virtual check, and Magcheck will create a virtual check in the buyer’s Checking account. This makes accounting a lot easier!

To learn more about Magcheck- take a look at these 2 videos: