Skilled Nursing is a Pharmacy that supplies drugs and medical equipment to over 15,000 patients daily. The company had a 200% growth in sales from 2006-2008 and continues to grow at an astonishing rate. Skilled Nursing Pharmacy (SNP) manually creates reports in Excel that take 2-3 days to create manually, while being also constrained to the limitations of Excel. In addition, SNP’s competitors are providing reports/analytics online via a portal, which can potentially stunt SNP’s growth. The company has engaged BP Analytics to:

  • Build a data warehouse that can serve both the internal and external client needs.
  • Develop a portal to centralize the reports. We must comply with the Federal HIPA regulations (Secure Patient Data).
  • Develop a series of applications such as a Drug Calculator to identify the optimal drug per patient based upon a number of variables such as medical insurance plan, doctor recommendation, profit margins, etc.


The solution involved the following:

  • Extracting data from their database and porting it over to an Oracle database.
  • Building the ODS and Dimensional models within the data warehouse and manipulated the information to present the information in a user-friendly manner.
  • Designing canned reports for the users who just need a “point and click solution” and data cubes for the advanced users.
  • Amending the portal and defining access levels to both internal and external users on the administration tool.
  • Designing a portal that was extremely user friendly, intuitive and expandable.