Wealth Management

Students And Transitioners: Your 4 Step Guide To Practical Finance

It’s a great joy to finally have graduated and to start a new and matured life. It is always exciting when you get over with the student phase and move onto the next phase of life, that is becoming an adult. However, after the academic studying is over,...
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Why Fintech is needed in Managing Finances

In this ever-evolving generation, new technologies are being introduced year after year, and this has led into changes in managing finances, especially from a business standpoint. The days wherein checks are manually reconciled and where personal ledgers...
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Why Financial Data Aggregation is Pivotal to the 10 Commandments of Personal Finance

Recently, the Wall Street Journal ran an article, which tried to distill all that a person needs to know about money matters and personal finance management into under a thousand words. It’s a very straightforward and simple, yet useful article,...
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