Our Story… How BP Analytics started

For many years working for companies who developed software for large corporation,s I  watched many projects consistently delay, overrunning budgets and more importantly missing their overall objectives. I was quite amazed at what seemed relatively straightforward tended to stretch out and what should have taken hours to develop, grew to hours and then days. As we spoke with colleagues from other companies we learned that this plague was not only common within the company i worked for but rather within other companies too.


The gripes were common:

“Software development took much longer and cost more then I thought”.

“We just paid for this software but there are more add ons that I was told to purchase”

“The software is extremely buggy and breaks down at the worst possible times”

“I looked at off the shelf software and paid a ton of money, but we still have to do so much work in Excel”.


In 2008, along with my colleague Mauricio Pacheco, we set out to change software development. Our core fundamental principle was to provide high quality software at an affordable price. We wanted a company that directly address all the problems listed above. and kept our clients happy and satisfied. We understand and are well aware of the fact that our clients are spending their extremely hard earned cash in an effort to expand their dreams and businesses. It’s a notion that we take extremely seriously with each and every project.


Humble beginnings:

We decided in 2008 to launch BP Analytics from Los Angeles. It was a risky move, the country was in a deep recession at the time but we strongly believed in our capabilities, principles and our goal of delivering high quality software at affordable prices to large and small companies worldwide.

When starting the company we decided to not take on any debt, rather finance the company with our perseverance, hard work and a rigorous focus on customer satisfaction.  We wanted to deliver software with the following guidelines:

* Build software that has a strong foundation by applying most of the “heavy lifting” on the backend systems.

* Allow the software to be expandable and modified as the business grows or expands in different directions

* Build software that somewhat anticipates a horizon in 2-3 years to reduce overall support costs post software development

* Adapt common and stable software technologies that have been proven and where there is a rich talent pool to draw from

* Hire experienced developers that “really” know what they are doing.


Opportunities for everyone.

When software transpires from being a concept to a tangible reality, when the client actually implements the software and begins reaping the rewards of the software, there is an overall joy and satisfaction that we have in the company. For example, recently we developed software for a firm in which they reduced their workload of 5 hours into 20 minutes. Her exact comment “your software is keeping me sane”- Thank you! For us it’s not just about making money, but an overall joy that we provided a service that helped out someone else and can make their lives more productive.

To that effect, BP Analytics believes so strongly in our expertise that we tie our pay to actual, tangible milestones delivered. The business model is simple- good software breeds happy BP Analytics clients which keeps us in business.


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