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    "I can’t speak highly enough of their work!"

    Phoebe B. Scott, Founder Laudville

    Maurice and the rest of the BP Analytics team did a fantastic job creating a complex web platform for my business. They are extremely efficient and cost-conscious and always explain what they are doing and why. They are far more hands-on and care more about my business goals and objectives than any other contractors I have spoken or worked with. I can't speak highly enough of their work!

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    Supported us without issue anytime that we’ve needed them

    Lloyd Glavocich, Dougmain

    It was a pleasure to work with the developers at BP Analytics while implementing the Yodlee bank account interface to our website. The team at BPA was not only very knowledgeable with regard to all the aspects of Yodlee but have also supported us without issue anytime that we've needed them, post-implementation.

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    "…delivers high quality, high performing solutions"

    Jerry Watson, Chief Business Intelligence Strategist

    `Maurice and his company, BP Analytics, did a great job gathering requirements, creating technical specifications, and then delivering a robust, highly performing Enterprise supply chain data warehouse and business intelligence system. Maurice is extremely professional and is highly in tune with the needs of his customers. He delivers high quality, high performing solutions, all with high integrity and at a much lower cost than off the shelf solutions. I highly recommend Maurice and BP Analytics for delivering business intelligence systems.`

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    … an excellent job auditing and blue printing the BI environment.

    Andrew Kowaliwskyj , Sr. Director IS&T at IVC

    He handled a lot of very challenging report and analytical situations very well and tackled these early on in the process, which resulted in a single well-structured data warehouse. Maurice's early efforts to standardize the DW and BI methodologies (applications, database etc.) within IVC proved to be a key asset to the newly formed company. He is very well respected and a great colleague and business partner.

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    “It was a pleasure hiring BP Analytics to develop the marketriders.com engine.

    Mitch Tuchman, Managing Director Marketriders

    The team brought a wealth of knowledge in the areas of finance and complex programming. The team was very ambitious and kept pushing the envelope to develop a truly robust system at a time when there wasn't a benchmark in the marketplace. In addition, they were very communicative with my staff and interacted concurrently with several other development parties ensuring a successful launch. I would highly recommend BP Analytics to any organization that is considering developing software.”

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    BP did a great job from start to finish.

    Matthew Hogan, CEO/Founder Datacoup

    We used BP analytics for our Yodlee implementation. BP did a great job from start to finish. They outlined the schedule of milestones, and stuck to the schedule for an on-time completion of the integration. After the implementation we had some questions, and the time spent with BP was covered under our consulting contract, which is part of the implementation. In fact, we still have questions every now and then, and BP is still very helpful, at no extra cost (this is almost 2yrs post-integration)