Laudville ( is a social media site that allows users to share, compare, recommend, comment and purchase social media content such as; Movies, Books, TV and Music.  The site  required extensive programming within a tight budget and time frame. In addition, the site had to allow for enough rich features to compete against other social media sites while at the same time garner a sizeable amount of continuous users.


BP Analytics was heavily involved in the design, development and architecture of the entire site. BP Analytics analyzed the best  and most comprehsnive mathematical algorithms to compute “recommendations” from one user to another (similar to Amazon’s). In addition, BP Analytics architected the site with the scalability to reach to over 100k users with virtually no code and database tuning. Our development team incorporated additional features that were not in scope yet added a tremendous value to Laudville and more importantly, allowed the user’s to share the site and experiences with their friends. The site today is operational and growing tremendously in usage.