Leiner Health Products


Leiner was conducting their entire budgeting on Excel spreadsheets and could not create dynamic, detailed Income Statements. This was extremely hard and time-consuming considering that the Budget process takes many months (and is fluid, so numbers are constantly changing). In addition, the calculations for the P&L were extremely difficult and virtually impossible to calculate manually (one line item on the P&L has over 300 separate calculations). Finally, the finance team wanted the P&L at the Part Number level.


We created an RIA solution in which the Sales/Marketing/Finance teams enter data online and the majority of the complex calculations were done in the Oracle database. The Budgeting application utilized many features that made the user experience extremely easy to use (like drag/drop as an action). The net result is that we cut the budgeting process by 70%, allowed for comparative budget and actual analysis and provided detailed Profit and Loss reporting for each SKU. The company uses these P&Ls to routinely identify unprofitable products, along with expenses that are above budget.