MarketRiders is a concept from a very talented Harvard Hedge Fund Manager who wanted to provide a one stop shop for Investment Management. Market Riders has 3 main components:

  • Education in ETF Investing
  • A full interactive Financial Community with blogging and portfolio sharing
  • A fully integrated Portfolio Management System

Our job was to build these components from scratch and integrate the data.


The solution required a two pronged approach:

  • Build our own ETL scripts to extract data from multiple websites (Yahoo Finance, and Index Universe) and consolidate it into a single Data Warehouse.
  • Build a complex oracle backend to do a myriad of financial calculation but provide a consumer-oriented, easy to use interface product.

Using Flash components and a Web 2.0 format, we took the client’s material and created an online tutorial. The tutorial format is extremely easy to use and allows for easy text reading, videos and graphs/charts.

We also helped create an online community where users can share investment Q&A with each other and trade their portfolios.

The website gravitates around a Portfolio Management tool that allows a user to create stock portfolios. Most importantly, it helps the user Monitor, Tune and Rebalance their portfolio. With this tool MarketRiders will act as a personal money manager and tell the user which shares to buy/sell and when it’s the appropriate time to make such a transaction. The tool is meant to provide money management for the long term at zero cost to the user. From a technology perspective, we are extracting data from multiple financial websites and providing data to the Portfolio Engine through a SOA architecture layout. The technology is available where we can extract data from “any” website.