Providing Unmatched Business Intelligence Solutions

Information Technology has transformed the way we see a business in today’s era. The term data warehousing, data modeling, and business intelligence have become common these days.

The question arises, whom to seek to avail these business solutions?

It is always better to opt for an experienced and renowned name of the field with a long list of happy clients. BP Analytics, an Information Technology company provides unmatched business solutions. The company has been developing businesses software that includes; Data Warehousing and customized software for over 15 years now. The company’s extensive experience and knowledge has helped people to improve in all business spectrums. The common principles that BP Analytics follow are Expertise, honesty, and commitment.

Today, one can find numerous off the shelf data warehouse packages, but not all of them are a perfect for your company. In fact, the overall amount of implementing these data warehousing software can exceed the budget beyond limits and have a high failure rate when using an off the shelf product or an inexperienced development team.

BP Analytics objective is to develop a data warehouse system using proven techniques and methodologies. The programmers at BP Analytics hold expertise in developing custom business intelligence tools to maximize the usability and minimize the cost.

Brief information about the process followed by the company:

  1. Evaluate Business Requirement

This is the first step towards making a successful data warehouse. It includes evaluating business requirements and putting together the functional specification. This results in solidifying the business requirements and creates a pace to move along with projects.

  1. Analysis of Existing Data

BP Analytics analyzes your data and separates useless data from valuable rich data. If the client company has data that is inaccurate or inconsistent, BP Analytics helps provide a set of tools to cleanse and standardize the data.

  1. Develop Data Model

After understanding the data and other details of the client’s company, BP Analytics constructs a data model. This includes processes such as; 5068482201_79bfbc8ab6_zdata normalization, ETL (Extract Transfer and Load) and logic connections of multiple data points. For example, connecting Sales data and Inventory data requires understanding how the data is connected and the type of queries that a user will generate. Based upon these factors, the data model is constructed to address those questions.

  1. Business Intelligence Reporting

After the development of a customized data model, Business Intelligence software is installed such as; OBIEE. BP Analytics has technicians that will install OBIEE onto the client’s server and connect it to the Data Warehouse. More importantly, BP Analytics will provide a set up that’s ready to go by internal data analysts. This helps users to concentrate more on analysis than making reports.

  1. Evaluate, Enhance and Execute

With the data warehouse installed by BP Analytics, clients can now evaluate, enhance, and execute their businesses easily.


When you buy an off the shelf data warehousing product, you need to handle everything by yourself. This can led to delayed services, faulty data, theft and duplicity of data as well. But with BP Analytics, one doesn’t needs to worry about any error.

Though the chances of errors are almost negligible, BP Analytics provide following services to keep you business running smoothly:

  • Support in correcting bad implementation
  • Reworking in important reports
  • Database tuning
  • Code review and cleaning of the code
  • OBIEE training


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For large scale data warehouse projects, BP Analytics provides help to evaluate and assist management in making important and objective business decisions. During the evaluation stage, BP Analytics works with the management to create a profitable strategy.


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