Which Business Intelligence Tools Have The Best User Interface?

Maurice Berdugo, Managing Partner at BP Analytics:

The best business intelligence tool in my opinion is Oracle’s OBIEE tool. It has a huge customer base, growing in popularity and is backed by Oracle that is investing heavily in the product.

Why I like the product is that it is:

  • Extremely Flexible
  • Has a tool for report writing and Dashboards
  • Has a much better “bug reporting” system than other BI tools.
  • You can set Log Levels and it will show you exactly where the problem is in the code.
  • Adding complex formulas can be done at the RPD layer and you don’t have to be a coder for that.
  • There are bug fixes and updates every month or the tool is getting better and better
  • Costs the same or maybe even a drop less then Cognos/BO

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